Sunday, October 14, 2012


On Tuesday I'd like to finish our discussion concerning the restoration of artworks. I hope that we get around to discussing, among other things, the claim that artworks are the direct bearers of their aesthetic/artistic properties. I also hope that we can begin our discussion of conceptual art. Here's an article that considers when conceptual artworks should be restored:

The Artist's Sanction in Contemporary Art
Authors:Irvin, Sherri
Source: Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism, 63(4), 315-326. 12 p. FALL 2005.

Here is an introduction to the philosophy of conceptual art:

I'll hand out some additional material by the author of the above article in class.
Also, read this:
In particular examine its list of notable conceptual artwork. Do the artworks on the list conform to the SEP article's characterrization of conceptual art?
For instance, think about "The People's Choice" section of this:
and this:

and this;

Those of you unfamiliar with philosophical debates concerning the definition of art might find this helpful:

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