Saturday, October 6, 2012


We'll start discussing the restoration of artworks this coming Tuesday. In a previous post, I assigned papers by Carrier and Sagoff. Also, take a look at the following:

British Journal of Aesthetics, Vol. 26, No } , Summer 1986
S. J. Wilsmore
Journal of Aesthetic and Art Criticism 51:3 Summer 1993
The Rationale of Restoration
Anthony Savile
The Wilsmore paper consists mainly of a reply to Sagoff. The Savile paper compares tensed and untensed features of artworks.
The following topic might be fun to write on:
Neither restoration nor willful mutilation affect the aesthetic properties of a painting or sculpture. Discuss. In doing so you may want to consider whether even the destruction of an artwork affects its aesthetic properties.
Write four to six pages on this. We'll talk a bit about it in class so that you won't be approaching it in a vacuum. You can write a slightly longer paper as long as you remain concise and to the point. Don't ramble or go off on tangents. Due Friday. October 19. Feel absolutely free to hand your paper in before the due date.
Within the next couple of days. I'll post another less interesting topic for those of you who find the generality of this topic a bit imposing.


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