Tuesday, September 25, 2012

As we approach the topic of the extent to which objects can lose and gain parts over time, it might be useful for you to read up a bit on the Ship of Theseus. The following papers are old, yet fun, short and informative. We'll (at most) barely touch on them tomorrow.They are all e-available:

How to Reidentify the Ship of Theseus
Brian Smart  Analysis, Vol. 32, No. 5. (Apr., 1972), pp. 145-148.
Smart on Conditions of Identity

Lawrence H. Davis Analysis, Vol. 33, No. 3. (Jan., 1973), pp. 109-110.
How Not to Reidentify the Parthenon

Francis W. DauerAnalysis Vol. 33, No. 2. (Dec., 1972), pp. 63-64.
The Ship of Theseus, the Parthenon and Disassembled Objects

Brian Smart Analysis Vol. 34, No. 1. (Oct., 1973), pp. 24-27.
I'm sorry about the messy formatting. I tried to copy and paste from the front page of the PDFs. Mistakes were made.

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