Thursday, September 20, 2012

After we "finish" our discussion of the statue and the clay. We'll take up the extent to which an object can change over time and yet continue to exist. We'll apply some of the basic theoretical work to the subject of art restoration. Check the next few posts for suggested readings.

Here's one on art restoration that has been extensively discussed:
On Restoring and Reproducing Art Author(s): Mark Sagoff Source: The Journal of Philosophy, Vol. 75, No. 9 (Sep., 1978), pp. 453-470
Unless indicated otherwise, the papers listed on the blog are electronically available.
Another very useful paper on restoration is this:
Art and Its PreservationAuthor(s): David Carrier. Source: The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism, Vol. 43, No. 3 (Spring, 1985), pp. 291-300
I'd like to just send you PDFs. In a recent ruling, The Supreme Court of Canada seems to have functionally expanded what counts as the fair use of texts for educational and research purposes, but I'm going to play things safe for now. Consequently, you'll have to go to the e-library to download your own PDFs.
I'll post some suggestions for papers on the Ship of Theseus paper soon.
Remember: feel free to use this blog as a medium for conducting fuller discussions of what we talked about in class.

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